Welcome to the Young Mummy Survival Guide! 

My story begins on Sunday, January 6th, 2013. The day I found out I was pregnant, the world stopped. I was 19…who can handle having a baby at 19?

Over the next 42 weeks, I learnt that anyone could… But there are always going to be those who think you can’t. Now I am facing the next challenge, being a mum!

“What a useful and helpful blog. Your honest accounts of your experiences have really helped me. Thank you for sharing this exciting and demanding period of your life”

The Young Mummy Survival Guide is here to give out useful information, tips and some general mummy life stories from people who have been through the experience of having a child at a young age so that other girls don’t have to feel as scared, alone and as ‘in the dark’ as we did.

Have a look through the blog pages to see a little bit more of what the YMSG is about and what we have on the website.

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What a lovely blog you have! Love the concept – will be helpful to so many mothers